Tips on Becoming a Better Football Player

I picked up these suggestions as I was playing. These strategies worked well for me, and I hope they work well for others.

1. Every day, jog

Running 3 kilometers daily will provide your heart and lungs a solid cardiovascular exercise and keep you at the top of your game. As much as you can, run uphill. After sprinting for 20 to 30 meters up a steep slope for nearly two kilometers, turn around and stroll back down. Before finishing the run, do this 5–10 times more. Daily practice will make you stronger and more physically fit, allowing you to play at your peak for longer.

2. Perform workouts to quicken your movement

Or, you can stand on a barrel or other safe object about 150 cm high. Jump off, landing in a crouching position on both feet, and then rise as rapidly as possible. To prevent injury, ensure you have adequately warmed up and stretched before performing this exercise. This workout will increase speed by strengthening the legs’ rapid response muscles.

3. Take up playing with both feet.

It’s challenging to strengthen your touch with your more muscular foot because most footballers play much better with that foot. Focusing on your less-strong foot can yield faster results because more extensive improvements may be accomplished with less effort. Only use your weaker foot while kicking the ball against a wall. Play a scratch game in the weight room where everyone uses only their weaker foot. You won’t have to put in a lot of work, and you’ll get results quickly.

4. Pick up a new skill

Watch a new trick performed by an expert intently and repeatedly before attempting it yourself. For this, online video works well. Learn and practice the skill for 10 minutes each day. Please don’t use it too frequently, or your opponents will find out. Save it for practice before trying it in a game.

5. Study the experts’ techniques

Watch how professional footballers play, then try to emulate them. Although it seems straightforward, surprisingly, few players do this. Choose a player who occupies the same position as you and pays great attention to him. Learn all his tips and tricks, and take note of where he stands when he is not on the ball. You should pick a player you admire and who represents your aspirations. Former France, Marseilles, and Hibernian midfielder Franck Sauzee was the role model I most enjoyed following. He was a fantastic all-around athlete who was constantly at the top of his game.

Last but not least, keep going even if you don’t suddenly become Maradona. Being a great player takes time, and the key is steadily improving each aspect of your game. The important things to remember are following a decent regimen and exercising appropriately.