The best sport – Football

Sport is one of those things that you have to go a long way to find someone who has no interest
in. Whether it’s football, cricket, rugby, swimming or athletics, most people will have some sort
of interest in a sport, be it watching or participating. And because of this, there are countless
numbers of sports blogs on the internet for you to keep up with your chosen sport on.
There are many quality sports blogs out there; general sites that cover a wide range of sports
and sports-specific blogs that will focus on an individual sport and specialise in the ins and outs
of that sport.

We have compiled a list of the best sports blogs for you to check out and enjoy. We will cover a
range of sports and also include some general sports blogs as well.

What are our criteria? We want to include blogs that provide genuinely good content and expert
insight into their specific sport. We’ll also take into account how easy the site is to use, design
will play a small part too, but ultimately we’re looking for the best sports blogs, so we’ll check out
the blog awards scene too.

Football Labs

Winners of Best New Football Blog in the 2016 Football Blogging Awards, The Football Lab is a
great blog focusing primarily on English football.

Transfer Tavern

For football fans around the world, transfer talk is a favourite all season long, with the transfer
deadline on par with Christmas

Transfer Tavern’s transition focus makes it one of the most popular football blogs out there, but
in addition to transfers, TT provides quality content around Europe’s biggest leagues, including
the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Scottish Premier League and others, with news articles,
pre-match build-ups, matchday reviews and much more.

Football paradise

Football Paradise is one of the most comprehensive football blogs on this list. Football Paradise
covers a wide range of topics within football, and makes it worth reading if you’re looking for
something more in-depth than the tabloid networks.

You don’t have to look at the Football Paradise blog too much to see that they take an in-depth
look at football as a whole. With articles, including assessments of individual players and
managers of the men’s and women’s game, book reviews, a look at the political side to the
beautiful game, interviews and much more.

Inside the world of football

If you want to read up on the latest news and happenings off the pitch, inside world football is
the ideal football blog for you, looking inside the business of football all over the world.